Taken precautions against COVID-19 / New Corona.

The following special hygiene measures have been taken to protect our employees, customers, visitors and suppliers during the limitation of the development and interactions of the virus within the scope of the prevention principle and taking into consideration the current conditions regarding coronavirus (COVID-19).

Taken precautions against COVID-19 / New Corona.

We prevented it in public transportation. We gave company vehicles to our personnel using public transportation.

We made an agreement with Kutlu İlaclama Firm to disinfect our company every 15 days.

The company doctor gived training on all measures to be taken against the coronavirus pretected to all factory employees.

The Ministry of Health information posters were hung everywhere in Orego Company.

Disinfectant numbers and frequencies were increased (Common areas, floor corridors, elevator fronts, sinks, production area, warehouse area, dressing rooms).

Disinfectant was distributed to the desk of every office worker and to all employees.

Administrative offices, production area, company vehicles and common areas are disinfected.

Employees who have traveled abroad are kept in quarantine for 14 days.

We do not employ staff who have chronic illnesses, coughs who feel uncomfortable, and have a fever and refer them to the healthcare facility.

In case of essential situations, meetings will be held in the meeting room determined with the visitors.

We do not accept visitors from abroad and domestically.

Additional clothes and equipment were supplied to production personnel.

With our specially created COVID-19 team, every employee is measured with a contactless measuring device and measurements are recorded.

In order to maintain social distance during meal in the cafeteria, ground lines were determined.

The most contacted places are constantly cleaned with disinfectants. Toilets, Door handles, Tables, Meeting Rooms, Elevator, Light switches .. etc.

Seating was arranged so that each table was crossed. Tables are cleaned with disinfectant after each meal. Tables were positioned further away from each other in order to reduce the staff side by side in the cafeteria.

Vegetables and fruits menus were preferred for meals.

In dishes, disposable plates, forks and spoons were used instead of porcelain dishes.

People were warned to be careful not to be crowded in public areas.

Employees will be directed to leave in order to reduce the mass presence in the departments and especially in the offices.

Cargo companies will not be included in the company. It will carry out security.

Outside drivers will not get off the vehicles for toilets and food needs.

Service vehicles will be temporarily enlarged and routes will be extended.

In any case related to the virus, the human resources department will be contacted and the processes will be carried out together.

Disinfection Procedures

Disinfection Procedures

Disinfection Procedures

Disinfection Procedures

Disinfection Procedures

Disinfection Procedures

Disinfection Procedures

Disinfection Procedures

Disinfection Procedures

It is our greatest hope that the Corona Virus will be brought under control in the shortest time worldwide and the cases and uneasiness in our country end.
On behalf of Orego Packaging, as a society, we sincerely believe that we will overcome this process safely together with mutual care and sensitivity.
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